BBR PJ287 (1/43)

October 16, 2004 completion.
It is Ferrari 550GT of the prodrive which entered 24 Heures du Mans in 2002.
It is the 1/43 kit of the 4th work. @It purchased by Mr. lucky MK4.
Details also have a difference considerably slenderly very much,
and this body has the place uncannier than the thing of the prodrive made until now
which is not a belt using the same type.
Although it is a BBR formula window highly transparent than special vacuum form,
it cannot stick finely still more.
It painted by Pure-Red of Finisher's.
It has begun to polish by Auto-Clear of Finisher's.

About a real vehicle
This machine is 550GTs which first appeared in the Le Mans 24 hours,
in a primary, shows runaway speed with a first appearance, and gains a GTS class pole.
Corvette C5R after which the final also runs closely is rapidly had a large lead for the pull top.
But it destroys by fire and retires, before revealing an oil leak at midnight
and arriving to outbreak of fire and a pit.
The championship of a GTS class has been reviewed to old enemy corvette C5R.

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