CADILLAC Northstar LMP 24H LE MANS 2000

BBR PJ245/PJ246 (1/43)

August 8, 2005 completion.
It is CADILLAC-Northstar LMP of GM which entered in the Le Mans 24 hours in 2000.
It is the 1/43 kit of the 18/19th work.
It purchased by the auction and the Aoyama makeup.
Although there was no intention of making two sets at the beginning,
because it made a selling point of the sale of a makeup at the low price,
I have bought it in spite of myself.
GM aims at rejuvenation of the Cadillac brand and enters.
Riley & Scott who is the constructor who won the victory in the Daytona 24 hours etc.,
and was large-playing an active part in them by the original machine took charge of chassis development.
The 4l. twin turboengine was jointly developed with the McLaren engine.
Although I was a quite favorite car with the body very low as that time,
many troubles happened to a chassis, engine, missions, etc., and great results were not improved.
Riley & Scott who took charge of the chassis especially has been removed from this project in only one year.
It painted by Gun-Chrome of Gunze.
It has begun to polish by Auto-Clear of Finisher's.

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