Here, I regard the work of people of a motorcycle modeler who became acquainted
in the network as it carrying and going.
Please send the picture of a work by mail how which the place which exhibits the model made
with much trouble twists, and by all means.
Those out of whom it does not come with a digital camera need to send a direct photograph.
I correspond, if you can mail.

Name The comment of KAZ The carried number
KURIHARA For me, it is the work which performed spoke re-covering by the shocking metal line.
If this is seen, the spoke of plastic molding looks very cheap.
The PROTAR product finished very finely is wonderful.
4 sets
SHOGO Although it is the direction which met in Mr. KURIHARA's homepage, this gentleman is also doing spoke re-covering.
They are the works with which even the latest racer which has not seen was rich in variety from the old vehicle.
25 sets
NOGRYU It is the person who was touched off by Mr. KURIHARA's homepage like me and resumed model production.
It is the direction which is referred to as having completed '83YZR500 interrupted many years ago like me and which cannot think others somehow.
8 sets
KS It is Mr. KS's work the direction of the beginning which was able to be mutually known by the favor which started this homepage.
If his comment is seen, it will be reminded of me at the time of having met Mr. KURIHARA.
It is said that it goes by one motorcycle model from now on.
I also lose and do not shine.
9 sets
Joe Chan
It is the work of Mr. Joe Chan of Canada where many works are carried by the digital gallery of TAMIYA.
Because the blue of NSR'98 of KS Mr. production was asked what is used, furthermore seems to have wanted to complete it, it had the picture sent before.
7 sets
Peter Huelsen It is German Mr. Peter's work. Mr. Peter that he likes Japanese culture. The daughter of his is studying Japanese.
Mr. Peter has the kits exceeding 300, and a vast quantity of these data. Even if I add what was made, and the thing which is not made, I am about 200.
There is always someone better.
12 sets
Hardeep It is a comment from him. :
I am from Richmond, BC Canada.
I build kits with a racing theme mostly 1/12 bikes and 1/24 Gt/LeMans kits.
I am also a dealer for studio 27, renaissance, sakatsu, scale motorsports and build in my free time.
8 sets
Kageyama It is the work of Mr. Kageyama of Osaka. 13 sets

Because I adjust the size of a picture, file capacity, etc. here at the time of printing, they are O.K. anything.
Because there is 200MB in all of the mail box capacity here with homepage capacity,
please also care about it and send a picture with big file capacity.

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