Name. KAZ
Birth date. 3.6.1972
Sex. Man.
Height. 175cm
Weight. 60kg
Address. Saitama-shi, Saitama in Japan.
Occupation. The systems engineer of a SUBARU.
Hobby. Making a model for a motorcycle. Collection of the R&B system CD. Radio control.
Favorite male singer. Kiyoharu, Yasuyuki Okamura, Gackt, Yoshikuni Douchin(CHEMISTRY),
Hyde(L'Arc-en-Ciel), Kyosuke Himuro, Eikichi Yazawa
Favorite female singer. FAYRAY, Namie Amuro, HITOMI, Do As Infinity, Yuki Koyanagi, DOUBLE, Akina Nakamori
Favorite foreigner male singer. Johnny Gill, R.Kelly, Keith Sweat, K-Ci(JODECI), BabyFace
Favorite foreigner female singer. Mary J.Blige, Karyn White, Toni Braxton, Aaliyah, Monica, T-Boz(TLC)
Favorite actor. Masaya Kato, Etsushi Toyokawa, Ryo Ishibashi, Ken Watanabe,
Christian Slater, Ken Ogata, Bunta Sugawara, Jan Michael Vincent, Ken Takakura
Favorite actress. Mitsuho Ohtani, Yui Natsukawa, Yumi Aso, Jody Foster, Sophie Marceau, Shima Eiwashita
Favorite movie. True Romance, The GodFather, Big Wednesday
Favorite comics. Maji, Jingi, That fellow and a lullaby., Wangan Midnight
Favorite car. NISSAN Fairlady Z TwinTurbo (Z32), Chevrolet corvette (iron bumper)
Favorite motorcycle. Two strokes are YAMAHA. Four strokes are KAWASAKI. Engine is HONDA.
But he likes old GSX-R.
Favorite driver. Seiji Ara, Takayuki Aoki, Shinji Nakano, Jacques Villenueve, Tom Kristensen & Ken Akaba
Favorite rider. Shinichi Itoh, Noriyuki Haga, John Kocinski, Freddie Spencer
About this homepage This homepage was started in order that I, alias KAZ, might exhibit the finished goods of making the motorcycle model which it is making into the lifework.
First of all, it has influenced greatly that, as for the cause from which the motorcycle model became even a lifework, Mr. KURIHARA who became acquainted in the network carried my finished goods to own HP. (Refer to following) But it is the translation which resulted in this starting from that Mr. KURIHARA was having own HP stopped from the reasons of healthy, and the number of the work of me has increased, having touched HTML at work, there having been a request of HP starting from several persons, etc.
Once it rose, I think that it will go by the number of motorcycle model pictures aiming at the world's No.1.
About a motorcycle model In fact, I do not like a motorcycle so.
Then, the precision of the motorcycle model (YZR500 of Kenny which the elder brother made) regarded as saying whether to be a motorcycle model why for the first time was shocking to me, a schoolchild.
Although various models were made centering on the plastic model of Gundam till then, no matter where it might see this precision and from, the idea of a "plastic model = toy" changed to the kitchen and the place currently reproduced.
Since the plastic model made till then was moved and it was playing.
But there is no skill which can make a motorcycle model exactly to me of those days, and it moves from interest to radio control.
It has returned, after becoming a member of society.
It was not completed so that it might consider, if a plastic model was made restlessly, but radio control was done and it was made improvement of a car.
Then, it is Mr. KURIHARA's homepage which the network was touched on with the spread of PCs in the company, and was found at last.
The beginning of a lifework began trial and error, having been touched off by the wonderful work there, having made earnestly and looking at a way and a primer.
Homepage creation environment. SONY VAIO L (Quad Core, 8GB memory & Windows7)

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