On this page, I introduce the tool currently used for model production.

This is the main work desks.
It is the study desk (what and product made from 1978) which the elder brother had bought in fact at the time of junior high school entrance.
Although the can spray is located in a line in large quantities, it goes also into the drawer, and I think that there are always about 60-70 generally.
Although the product made from Tamiya is used basically, the pink surfacer for product made from Modeler's, topcoat, lusterless clear, and chamber ground paint in champagne gold uses the thing made from Gunze, and the rest is using other makers' thing according to the case.
Furthermore, the enamel paint for brush painting is contained in the drawer.
Does it seem that there are 60 colors altogether although it thinks that the total color has not gathered in the product made from Tamiya?
In case airbrush paint is basically performed into portions other than cowl, it will do in enamel paints.
The case of cowl uses Mr. color of Gunze.
But the paints of Finisher's have increased in number to airbrush paint recently.
Although the bookshelf is attached to the upper part, it uses here as a dryness booth.
As for after the dislike and paint, it will put in immediately that the dust in air is attached here.
The left is the gate cut nippers of Tamiya and the right is the decal scissors of Tamiya.
The edge of a blade is thin from the ordinary thing, and it is very easy to use gate cut nippers.
When cutting a part from a runner, an about 1-2mm place is surely cut now from a part.
From a part, 1-2mm vacates and it cuts for making it the crack when cutting into a part not attached.
decal scissors are the scissors for cutting decal as the name, special coating is made the edge and the paste of decal has stopped being able to attach this easily.
It is very easy to use this in size with it.
They are the design knife from the left, a cutter, a half-circle file, a triangular file, a common file, and a stick file.
Since the edge is very sharp thinly at the product made from Tamiya, a design knife is useful to the cut of a fine portion.
the portion which cannot mainly be cut with the scissors of decal, and the portion which has protruded paint -- shaving off -- etc. -- it uses
It is a point that an edge exchanges an edge briskly since only a sharp part is weak.
A cutter is the very ordinary thing currently sold about there.
However, since it is used abundantly so that it thinks that it will use most by model work, it is first to continue using what got used to its hand.
Three files are the products made from Bunseido (a stick file is unknown), and they use a stick file only in order to extend the hole along which the fork of the parts which connect a front fork passes (it will finish setting up if this is narrow, and the paint of a front fork will sometimes fall.).
It is better for this extent to be, although the remainder was rarely used.
A file uses the waterproof paper made from Tamiya for others very well.
No. 400 and No. 1000 are mainly used, and it is used, cutting into a width of 1cm, and a length of about 3cm, and attaching water.
They are the pin vice made from Tamiya, and the drill edge set of maker non-Ming.
It purchased only in order to make the hole of a brake rotor.
An about 0.5-0.8mm thing makes a hole generally, it vacates in many cases, vacates from a table, and performs the reverse side in the procedure of letting a drill edge pass once again from the shaving reverse side lightly with sandpaper.
Although it gets tired very well, a brake rotor is conspicuous than expected.
Although what is necessary is just to compare and it understands since what is not having made the hole in the page of YZF-R1 right, either has appeared, at least this becomes real but fairly.
They are the adhesives made from Tamiya, the clear Cemedine bond, and a quick-drying glue from the left.
The adhesives of Tamiya are used mainly, and although a clear bond is used for adhesion of a transparent part with the adhesives which become transparent after dryness as the name, I use it also to adhesion to a plating part well.
It is because it does not become cloudy with adhesives with ordinary plating since a clear bond can be pasted up also with plating and it becomes transparent, although it will be necessary to remove plating of an adhesion side that it is hard to be attached and plating will become cloudy with a quick-drying glue white.
Since it mainly has at the time of paint and a hand is attached, the quick-drying glue is used.
Although a large object is an ordinary low viscosity thing and it does, the thing (super liquid combined use) of high viscosity is used at the time of what (wheel etc.) have a not even big thing and a not even adhesion side.
However, it will solidify, before using up unawares, this quick-drying glue and. @
Please teach me the method of someone's using finely.
A large thing is polyester putty made from Work, a lower left tube is lacquer putty made from Tamiya, and a lower right tube is rubbing/polishing compound made from Tamiya.
It is lacquer putty used to erase a joint, using most thins with lacquer thinner, it applies to a joint and it is crowded so that cement may be applied with pen etc.
Polyester putty is used when changing form.
This mixes and kneads a hardening agent to the main agents, and crowds for it and dishes it up to them, and since it can delete with a crunching sound by the cutter, it is easy to operate it orthopedically.
rubbing/polishing compound is used when polishing a paint side, and tissue is attached to what carried out the quarto, and it polishes it intently.
If only a clear layer is polished finely and it is crowded, it will be finished in gloss like the paint side of a new car.
The left is enamel thinner and the right is lacquer thinner.
Since I use the enamel system paint of Tamiya for brush painting, in case thin, paint is dropped or I wash a brush, I use it.
Although it is used in order that lacquer thinner may mainly melt lacquer putty, since a can spray is also a lacquer system, it can use also for dropping this paint.
the even brush made from the tweezers made from Tamiya from the left, straight tweezers, and Bunseido (No. 00, No. 01), and the product made from Tamiya -- mixing colors -- they are a stick and a marking-off pin made from Hasegawa
Tweezers carry out very ordinary usage, in case a fine part is painted and it pastes up.
Two brushes are used for brush painting.
I perform all brush painting only by two kinds of this brush.
Whenever it manufactures 6-7 sets generally, it is changing into the new article.
Although this 1 brush of no less than 250 yen is carried out, a brush is restricted to the product made from Bunseido.
mixing colors -- a stick can be used for a stick file at various things, such as sudden transformation, if the scrambling of a paint, dishing up of poly putty, and sandpaper are stuck
How to use usual, as for a marking-off pin is not adopted, but when air bubbles go into decal, in order to extract air bubbles, usage of making a small hole now is carried out.
They are two sorts of masking tapes made from Tamiya, and the masking sol of Gunze.
The "mask" of the masking tape is stuck and carried out to a portion not to paint in case it distinguishes by different color with as the name.
The thing of 18mm and 6mm width is used.
Since the thing of Tamiya is carried out having been extended enough delicately that it is hard to deteriorate since the edge of a tape is beautiful and it goes into the case, it is user-friendly.
In order to still distinguish by different color with finely, it is necessary to cut and stick an edge with the sharp design knife of the edge of a blade.
Usage of plastering with Masking sol the portion which a tape cannot stick easily instead of a tape, distinguishing with a design knife after dryness, removing the portion which cuts and paints a line, and removing the portion masked after paint is carried out.
However, since how cannot be used well, I do not use now.
It is an airbrush system.
The airbrush included in the case is the evolution of Airtex. @The airbrush of silver is LWA of Gunze. @A black airbrush is Hansa381 of Airtex. Only Hansa381 is trigger action and others are double action.
The compressor used as the source of supply of air is the linear compressor L10 of Gunze, and is using the regulator 2 (with a pressure gauge) of Gunze for pressure adjustment. Although money was spent fairly, an airbrush is seldom used.
Although an airbrush can perform gradation paint easily with the equipments which realize delicate spray paint, I mix and make a paint personally, when the color to carry out spray paint finely is not put on the market by the can spray, and in case I spray and paint this, I am using it.
When a button is pushed, air will come out, and when double action is pulled as it is, a paint will come out of it. @The quantity of a paint is controlled in this quantity to subtract. When it begins to pull a trigger, air will come out of trigger action, and when it pulls as it is, a paint will begin to appear from the middle.
Although three have an airbrush, in fact, it rarely uses.
But Hansa381 once used as 0.4mm nozzle is used mainly, and, similarly Gunze LWA of 0.5mm nozzle uses the evolution of 0.4mm nozzle for the others for Surfacer only for Clear.
Now, because he wants the airbrush only for metallic and it is not interesting to buy the same thing, either, some good airbrushes cannot be found and it serves, and it is ?.
They are Mark softer and decal cement from the left, and super liquid.
Mark softer is the thing which makes decal soft, when decal cannot be well stuck on a curved surface etc., can thin this for a while with water, can apply it to the decal surface, and it can be finely stuck on a curved surface by familiarizing with pen etc. decal which became somewhat soft. (although decal will split if it does too much)
decal cement is as the name the adhesives of decal, when sticking complicated large decal, while fighting with decal, when paste falls or an angle etc. floats, is thinned with water and attached.
Although super liquid is slightly the not the best here, it is for solidifying the quick-drying glue of the degree of low viscosity.
Although it thinks whether there are some persons who have seen the quick-drying glue with super liquid sell, does it also make a selling point of the super liquid simple substance?
It is the wax made from Tamiya.
Although it is the wax only for models, usage is completely the same as the wax for real vehicles.
It is made easy to also remove dirt, to be hard to attach dust and finger marks and to drop, preparing gloss.
It will be divided if it fastens strongly so that a cap may be weak. (I divided.)
It is a paint booth.
The thing for can sprays is using on the veranda what hollowed the empty box of a display shelf and attached the paint booth made from Wave to the upper part forcibly.
air is inhaled with a upside ventilation fan and it exhausts by the aluminum duct -- although it is a mechanism, since the filter which it is failure which was attached to the upper part, and it sticks on a double-sided tape fell repeatedly, it uses by nothing.
For the moment, the problem has not come out.
The paint of a can spray does not need to scatter thanks to this.
When there was this, and the paint which scattered accumulated indoors like dust and wiped the table after spray paint, the color of a paint had become follows at things.
It is an apartment, and it cares about the surroundings, and the light of the desk lamp of a fluorescent light is turned to reliance from the interior of a room in the paint booth of a veranda at midnight, and spray paint is carried out.
The paint booth made from Gunze is being used for the thing for airbrushes in the side of an indoor personal computer.
The inhaled air is exhausted outside from the window by the duct made of a plastic through a filter.
To a part to use for an airbrush, I think that it is what can be equal to the paint sufficiently in the interior of a room.
Although power is insufficient to can spray paint.
Thus, it has decorated.
Since the place which is buried with the box which the room makes and is not and finished goods decorate since the pace which he buys rather than it makes was early when begun although 1/6 of Harley could be put on the sideboard of living at first was lost, the half was using the sideboard.
However, it still becomes insufficient and what was bought is the display shelf which has got in on it.
Size is perfect for although it was found by chance and he bought it with the network mail order.
But although it is the vigor which this is likely to increase by one more piece immediately, and is likely to increase one piece at a time every year, it is truly troubled by the place.

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